Really Great Goods Face Mist

Really Great Goods Face Mist

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To use: Spray face and body directly or walk through mist to clear the mind, soothe the skin and restore your energy to a balanced, loving state.

- lavender helps with mental clarity and reducing stress & anxiety
- helpful for sleep
- can help reduce acne, aid skin irritations, cuts and abrasions
- amethyst is a very spiritual stone that can help to balance all chakras
- amethyst is useful to use alongside meditation (try spritzing before meditating)



- rose can help to reduce stress and depression; uplift mood
- rose can help to reduce scarring and help with anti-aging
- rose quartz is know as the stone of love (for self and for all)
- rose quartz has a soothing energy; calms the mind

- neroli can help to lift the spirit and mood with antidepressant properties
- neroli has regenerative and restorative properties (helpful for problematic skin) 
- clear quartz is known as one of the best energy cleansing stones
- clear quartz helps with the removal of negative energies


No additives, synthetic colours or fragrances, ever.

Do not spray directly in eyes.

Size: 100ml/3.4 fl oz