Q: Why should I shop in bulk?

A: Many reasons! Benefits of shopping in bulk include price savings for the vast majority of products, buying only the quantity you need and not ending up with extra sitting in your pantry for months, and being able to reduce packaging waste. In addition to plastic bags, we also provide kraft paper bags for buying dry goods, and the option to bring your own container (BYOC) to refill dry goods and liquid refills. 


Q: What containers can I bring in?

A: Anything goes! As long as your container is clean, dry and empty for food products, you're good to go. This includes old jars, Tupperware, yogurt containers, and beyond. When refilling household products, your containers do not need to be empty. Simply weigh your container with the remaining soap/cleaner in it, top it up, and you'll just be paying for the new amount added on.

If you are refilling food into bags, bags must be washable (i.e. fabric or dishwasher friendly). We do not accept single use plastic bags for refilling at this time.


Q: How do I refill?

A: Again, make sure your containers are clean, dry and empty if you're refilling food products. First, come to the cash desk and use the customer-facing scale to weigh your container(s). There are washable markers available to document the weight of your container on it - we recommend on the bottom so the marker is less likely to wipe off while refilling. If you need a hand, ask one of our staff members.

Once your container(s) are weighed, you're good to refill! Shop as you normally would. When refilling any liquid products, keep an eye out to make sure your container doesn't overflow, and leave a bit of breathing space at the top so you can make sure to get your lid back on without spilling.

When you're ready to cash out, come to cash and we'll deduct the weight of your container from your purchase so you're only paying for the actual product inside.

graphic of refilling a container

Q: Are you accepting donations of used containers?

A: We are currently partnered with Circulr to collect mason jars and other glass containers that are similar in shape. These items are collected to be cleaned and distributed to small local brands. Lid is not necessary. 

No jars or bottles with a small bottleneck please (hard to wash)! No glass of any type under the size of 100ml (no reuse demand)!


Q: What kinds of products do you sell?

A: We sell a large selection of bulk food products, packaged food products, bulk household products (cleaners, detergents, etc.), bulk personal care products (shampoos, conditioners, soaps, deodorant, toothpaste), and low-waste household accessories. Our website doesn't list all of our products so give us a call or shoot us an email if you're looking for something specific.


Q: How does your points system work?

Points are available for collection and redemption on in-store purchases only. No points can be collected or redeemed online. Points are collected in-store on any purchases that are bulk or refill (i.e. any product that goes on the scale!). Simply provide us with your phone number when you're checking out and you'll collect points on any eligible purchases. You'll earn 2% cash back, which can be redeemed in $5 increments on future in-store purchases. 25,000 points = $5 off your next purchase. We'll keep track of your progress and let you know when you have enough to redeem, or you can take a peek on the customer-facing screen for your points tally. Points can not be traded or exchanged, or redeemed for cash value.