Changes in the Store in Response to Covid-19

*** Updated as of August, 2021**** All of our existing policies are still in place and we will continue to be open as usual. We will, however, be reducing the number of customers allowed in the store to 5 at a time to allow our staff more space to move around and to serve you better. 

Following current city and provincial by-laws in response to Covid-19, we continue to remain open for in-store shopping as an essential service. We also offer online ordering for in-store pick up and curbside pick up.

We have the current store policies in place as a result:


  • Customers are allowed to bring their own containers for food refills and household product refills. Food refill containers must be CLEAN, DRY & EMPTY. Household product refills can have remaining product in them
  • Increased cleaning; single-use scoops for bulk items
  • We prefer payment by debit & credit cards, but are now accepting cash
  • Limiting the number of customers in the store at a time
  • Customers can still bring their own shopping bags to check out with, but we ask you pack your own bags
  • We are accepting returns of all milk bottles, yogurt jars for deposit refunds
  • We are not yet accepting jar donations for the ‘take a jar, leave a jar’ bin. Stay tuned!


CLEANING: We have ramped up cleaning and sanitizing around the store, including all common touch points (door knobs, door pulls, bin lids, jars, pumps, cash desk, etc.).

CLEANING SCOOPS BETWEEN USES: We are currently implementing a single-use spoon/scoop system. We have bins of clean spoons/scoops placed around the the store, with bins for dirty scoops sitting below them. Please use a clean scoop for each separate food item, and deposit each scoop into the dirty bin once used.

LIMITING CUSTOMERS IN-STORE: We are allowing five (5) customers in the store at a time to allow for distancing. Please limit your time in the store and avoid browsing, take advantage of our hand sanitizer at the entrance and cash desk, and please avoid visiting us if you are showing any symptoms or have travelled recently.

DEBIT/CREDIT PREFERRED: For the time being, we are encouraging the use of tap payment by credit or debit, however, are also accepting cash.

We thank you for your continued support!